December 28th, 2008



At this particular moment, I am on set in the Bollywood production, have been here since 9 a.m. and we still half way through. assholes. I slept for four hours, since I did a gig yesterday night (Cabaret) and it was like three days in a row. AND AM LOVING IT!
We have pretty good team of professionals and couple new people on set, I am learning a lot, as it is my first feature film and all is for real: frame! sound rolling? Speed! Action! Cut!
Also, lots of things that are so different from live performance. Like, yesterday my movie dad was dying and I was crying next to him and today we are shooting office scene, where I am trying to takke over his business. One scene can have tens of shots, from different angles and you have to keep doing exact the same moves and expressions and stuff like that. Lots of fine and LOTS, A LOT OF WAITING! We did like 15 minutes of screen time in about 10 hours so far! And there are two more scenes to go!
This is my life. I am happy.